Victoria Collins’ First Adventure


Victoria Collins has embarked on her first adventure with our hotel’s General Manager, Peter and his wife Max! She travelled out to the Bendigo Animal Welfare and Community Service Centre- the hotel sponsors the Adoption Cattery there so she was excited to see what it is all about.

During her travels she encountered Liz, who is one of the volunteers at the Animal Welfare and Community Service Centre. Liz showed Victoria, Peter and Max around the centre. Liz introduced the group to a playful cat named Lychee! Lychee was probably a little bit too fond of Max.


There are also a number of brick walls at the centre where you can ‘buy’ a brick to commemorate either an animal or family member. Victoria was astonished when she discovered there were five of these walls full of people who have commemorated the lives of their loved ones. She also found that these walls were great to sit upon for sightseeing! Peter and Max obviously thought otherwise.


The trio then farewelled Liz and headed over to the Eaglehawk police station. They heard that there were a family of bunnies that were living there and wanted to take a look. When they arrived, they found an enclosure where the police at the station were keeping the bunnies- originally Dad Bun and Mum Bun had been hiding about underneath the station and had a family. The police caught on about what was happening underneath the building and started to look after the bunnies and eventually had them all desexed to avoid a rapid population expansion.


Now the happy family live in their own enclosure and are safe. Victoria particularly loved all the young bunnies – Slow Bun, Baby Bun and Constable Bun.

Overall the group had a fantastic outing at the Bendigo Animal Welfare and Community Service Centre. If you travel to Bendigo, definitely head to the centre and check out the great work that the team do there.