Melbourne Shopping Excursions

Our Melbourne hotel is perfectly located for your Melbourne shopping needs…

A visit to Melbourne always warrants a shopping spree, and the streets of Melbourne are well equipped to grant you one. The city is well known as a shopping capital, and it’s much easier to think of what you can’t buy there than to list what you can buy! There are amazing shopping centres you can enjoy such as The Galleria, Melbourne Central, The Emporium and the newly opened St. Collins Lane mall. There are also several arcades and lanes, all consisting of shopping space with purchases to satisfy every taste. A short tram trip is all it takes to get within reach of all this shopping.

Melbourne offers shopping for all types of budgets, whether you’re looking for sales and bargains of the very best in designer products. Special interests, hobbies and collector’s items crazes are all catered to, once you look through Melbourne’s huge range of speciality shops found right in the centre of the city. Bazaars are plentiful in bargains and one of a kind items, ranging from clothes to antiques to model cars to coins.

All the shopping is bound to make you hungry, and there’s an easy fix for that. The biggest food hall in Melbourne is found in the Queen Victoria Market, where you can try out a range of culinary delights.

Most department stores and markets are open every day. Most of the city shops are open from ten in the morning until five in the evening, and stay open until 9 at night on Fridays.