Melbourne Travel Essentials

Melbourne Travel Essentials


Melbourne is renowned as one of the top food, fashion, cultural and event capitals of the world. It is a city where you can explore for days and never get bored. For those who love to get out and about in Melbourne, we have compiled a list of 5 Melbourne travel essentials to ensure that you make the most of your experience in the Victorian capital:


If Melbourne were to be infamous for anything, it would be the weather – the ‘four seasons in one day’ comment isn’t made without a reason. If I can make only one travel recommendation to a visitor to Melbourne that would be to always bring an umbrella. It may be clear skies and sunshine when you head out for the day, but there is nothing worse than getting caught out in an unexpected 3pm downpour. Pack a small umbrella in advance and avoid the hassle of needing to toss out ten of them before you head back home.

Light Jumper/Jacket

Continuing on with the theme of Melbourne’s ever-changing weather, it is always good to keep a light jumper or jacket on hand for when the weather does turn. Already planning to be insulated with multiple layers on your person? Make sure one of those layers is warm-weather friendly in case things heat up without warning.

Camera with Spare Batteries/SD Cards

This seems like an obvious recommendation, but be sure to pack some form of camera with a small army of batteries and SD cards in tow. Melbourne is an extremely picturesque city and there is nothing more devastating than going snap-happy with the trusted camera and have it run out of batteries or SD cards – carrying around dead weight for half a day is never fun. Smart phones are great back up cameras, so if you plan to use it once your camera has run out of juice, it may be good to have some extra battery power for it too.


You don’t need to carry around your entire savings account in note form, but when you happen upon a fantastic eatery tucked away in the corner of a mysterious laneway that only accepts cash, its good to have it.

Myki Card

Myki is your key to travelling on all forms of public transport in Melbourne. Pick up a Myki Visitor Travel Pack when you arrive to take advantage of some great discounts.

The travel pack includes:

  • A full fare, concession, child or seniors Myki card, pre-loaded with enough value (Myki money) for one day’s travel in zones 1 and 2.
  • Discount offers at 15 Melbourne and regional attractions, including Melbourne Aquarium, the National Sports Museum, Eureka Skydeck and Puffing Billy – saving you more than $100!
  • A protective souvenir Myki wallet.

Myki visitor packs are available from the Melbourne Visitor Centre at Federation Square, SkyBus terminals at Melbourne Airport and Southern Cross Station and from the PTV Hubs. A full fare Myki visitor pack costs just $14 and includes $8 Myki money for travel- these cards can be topped up for future use.

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