Melbourne City Rooftop Honey


Did you know that ibis Styles Melbourne, The Victoria Hotel has some permanent new residents on top of the East Wing of the hotel? Yes, we have approximately 40,000 bees inhabiting four hives that has been put in place by Melbourne City Rooftop Honey! The bee population of these hives will eventually grow to approximately 160,000 – that’s a lot of bees! Each of these hives will produce between 20-50kg of honey per year, with the hotel using some of it for a variety of purposes.

Currently we are working shoulder to shoulder with Vanessa and Mat from Melbourne City Rooftop Honey to maintain the beehives on the roof of the hotel. The Rooftop Honey project itself was initially started by beekeepers in 2010. Their vision? To bring bees back to the city and suburbs of Melbourne in an effort to help save the Honey Bee from the threats of disease and human inhabitation. The project has received overwhelming support over the years from local businesses and the community alike, with over eighty hives currently located around the City of Melbourne and hundreds of businesses keen to get involved.

The beauty of this project is that not only does Melbourne City Rooftop Honey seek to address the current issues of sustaining the urban bee population, but it also raises the awareness of the importance of bees in the environment. The honey that these bees produce is sold to the public 100% raw, with no additives or heat treatments – not only is this improving sustainability, but it’s healthy too!

Melbourne is not the only city involved in keeping the urban bee population thriving. Rooftop Honey projects exist in cities across the globe including Paris, London, San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong.

Interested about this project and want to know more? Send us a message with any questions you have on our Facebook page, or alternately you can visit Melbourne Rooftop Honey’s website!