How to Redeem a Promo Code

Not sure how to enter a promo code on our hotel website to redeem a special offer? Check out the three easy steps below to see how it is done!

  1. Head to the Book Now page 

Promo Code 1

2. Select the stay dates that you wish to book. For the promo code to work, you need to select a date within the offer’s stay validity or the offer will not appear. 

Promo Code 2

3. Enter the promo code in the box provided at the top right hand corner of the booking screen and click apply. The booking page will then update itself to include the offer which you can then book like a normal reservation. 

Promo Code 3


Have any further questions about our promo codes? Email!

The information used on this page is for demonstration purposes only. Offers and pricing displayed is subject to change and should not be followed as real-time information to make a reservation. To make a reservation, head over to our book now page or phone our friendly reservations team on 1800 331 147.